Don't Drop a Stitch: How to Keep Your Embroidery Machine Working Properly

If you've just purchased a new embroidery machine, you want to make sure that it works properly each time you use it. Damage to the machine can ruin the fun of your applique machine embroidery hobby. And the last thing you want is for your investment to wear out before its time. Here are just a few simple steps you can take to keep your embroidery machine working properly for years to come. [Read More]

What To Get Your Young Niece Who Is In The Hospital For An Extened Stay

If your young niece, say pre-teen aged but older than toddler, is in the hospital for an extended stay, then you can appreciate how difficult the situation can be. Her parents are probably super stressed out, and she's probably a combination of bored and anxious. When you visit her, you should bring along something that can help pass the time and occupy her mind so that it might help with the stress. [Read More]

Getting Into The Business Of Selling Clocks

Has your love for collecting clocks led you to having a large amount of them sitting around your home? If you are concerned that your house is becoming cluttered with clocks, you might want to change the way you handle your hobby. Rather than just collecting clocks, you can start selling them to bring in some extra income. You can even get into the hobby of making your own clocks to sell. [Read More]

Tips For Painting Over Or Pulling Down Unwanted Wallpaper

Each time you walk into your living room, bedroom or front hallway, you see that outdated, ugly wallpaper. Whether you've recently purchased your home or have been living there for years, you just cannot stand the sight of that hideous wallpaper for one more second. When it comes to eliminating wallpaper, no matter what its age or color, you have two options: paint over it or pull it down. Here is how to paint over or tear down wallpaper: [Read More]